Net Marketing and SEO

“Increase your company’s business!”

There are many strategies that lead to ranking a website. Surely designing and optimizing a website with the required search engines parameters assures us that it will be accepted,indexed and placed.

Ranking your own website within the top results displayed by the search engine as a result of consultations carried out by the user using keywords related to the business, is for each company a competitive advantage of extreme value against its main competitors.

Commitment to the result

Commitment to the result is based on an analysis of the visit statistics of the website to detect quantitative increments results (number of visitors) and qualitative( quality of visitors recorded according to the origin and behavior of access)

Such commitment must ensure concrete results in terms of visibility of the target and is the prerequisite for ongoing maintenance of the website,both in terms of structure and visibility in strategic marketing

In addition to being a more relevant approach  in order to obtain significant results in terms of traffic and conversions, the particular attention paid to the return in terms of traffic, rather than simple positioning is more consistent than the impossibility of guaranteeing accurate positioning results for a given search key.

Citing below some content taken from Google guidelines:

The complex algorithms make tentatives by humans to manipulate the results extremely difficult.Although Google offers advertising next to seach results, Google does not sell placement in the organic results(so no one can buy better Pade Rank*)[…]”

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No one can guarantee a top ranking on Google.Beware of agencies that say they guarantee results, or claim to have a special relationship with Googleé…] “]”

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